Phonics School is a cartoon-based teaching programme developed by experts to  transform preschool phonics into an enjoyable experience for teachers and children. 

Phonics School achieves superior results by combining exciting storytelling, cartoon animation and mnemonics to tell the story of Phonikers - the letters of the alphabet. 



The series follows the adventures of Phonikers with fantastical powers to transform into anything beginning with their sounds and change back by tracing their shapes. It makes learning easy as it is far simpler for children to remember visual stories, for example that ā€˜dā€™ changed into a dragon and how she traced her shape to change back, than using other methods. 

The series is suitable for children of all abilities; strong visual learners and children with learning difficulties will equally benefit from the animated format of each lesson.


Unrivalled in Teaching key skills

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With over 5 million viewers

Licensed by BBC Worldwide Learning, other broadcasters, nurseries, kindergartens and reception classes (with over 5 million children), the Phonics School Teaching Programme is a synthetic phonics system introducing the 26 primary sounds (and shapes) of the letters of the alphabet.